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ipl 12 2019 Hot Female Anchors | Vivo Ipl 2019 Male Anchors/Host list wallpapers

ipl 12 2019 Hot Female Anchors | Vivo Ipl 2019 Male Anchors/Host list wallpapers

Ipl 2019 Hot Female Anchors, Ipl 2019 Male anchors or some may call them Ipl 2019 Hot Female/Male hosts.

Indian Premier League (Ipl 2019) , which is the 12th edition of IPL, like the previous editions will be greeted like a festival by the people all around the world especially India. Many of the promos throw evidence to the fact of Ipl 2019 being a festival in true sense.

Ipl 2019 Hot Female Anchors

We start with the ladies. Listed below are some of the female anchors who might feature in as Ipl 2019 Female Anchors. 

1. Shibani Dandekar

Shibani Dandekar has been one of the most appreciated IPL Female Anchors. Shibani initially tried her hand on some American shows, has had descent encounter’s with music as a singer too and is loved all over the world for her anchoring in previous IPL seasons. Her fan following is such that, her name is ought to be put forth as one of the candidate for Ipl 2019 Hot Female Anchors.

Thus finding the first spot in our list of Ipl 2019 beautiful Female Anchors or ipl 12 hot Female Anchors for season 8 of the tournament.

2.Rochelle Maria Rao

Rochelle Maria Rao is one more anchor who has impressed audiences considerably in the previous editions of IPL. One of those pretty girls who have been crowned ‘Miss India’ Rochelle Rao is a wonderful anchor. Rochelle Rao simple stands for a perfect combination of beauty with brains ideology. She has huge fan following and thus a worthy candidate for Ipl 2019 Hot Female Anchors.

Thus finding a spot in our list of Ipl 2019 hot Female Anchors or ipl 12 beautiful Female Anchors for its Ninth edition.

3.Karishma Kotak

Karishma Kotak is another goddess of immense beauty who is being appreciated by millions. A model by profession, she has featured in Kingfisher Calender and done many commercials too. But shecame to fame mainly by anchoring IPL in previous editions. Her flawless looks and immense talents certainly qualifies her for the race of Ipl 2019 Female Anchors.


4.Archana Vijaya

Well this name does not require any introduction, she has been the anchor face for a long time now. Archana Vijaya also a part of the reality  show Fear Factor. She has hosted many events and has a great fan following backing her. I am not sure of her schedule but she might be one of the contenders for Ipl 2019 Female Anchors.


5.Mayanti Langer

Mayanti Langer, I kept one of the freshest face for the last. She is gorgeous and has anchored for the 2017 Cricket World Cup. She might be a part of this years Ipl 2019, given her growing popularity. She has the experience of hosting some football events before too. She is definitely in my view a contender for Ipl 2019 Female Anchors.


Ipl 2019 Male Anchors

Whenever we talk about Ipl 2019 Male Anchors, there two names which profoundly come to my mind and they are as follows.

  • Gaurav Kapoor
  • Sameer Kochar

These names need no introduction, they have been around for a long time now.  

thus finding a place in our 2019 IPL Male Anchors or ipl 12 Male Anchors probables. Our list is according generalised trends and fan following, there can be alterations and that is the beauty of cricket in itself.


ipl 12 2019 Hot Female Anchors | Vivo Ipl 2019 Male Anchors/Host list wallpapers
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